A Month of Reflection

I consider November to be a month of reflection. A month where we can evaluate and reflect on what we have accomplished thus far in the current year and no matter how great or small the accomplishment, it is still an accomplishment and we need to be thankful and joyous for it. I can honestly […]

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Three New Homes Have Arrived

This month has been a busy month for the Winchester Estates community as three new homes have arrived! We welcomed three additional new homes into our expansion area. Their arrivals were highly anticipated by their new owners, who have been patiently waiting to move in to their new forever homes. We are also very happy […]

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April Showers Brings May Flowers

Everyone knows the saying “April showers brings May flowers.” This year, April showers has a new meaning for me. This year, it’s not about trees blooming or daffodils and tulips peeking their heads above their flower beds, or the smell of fresh cut grass. This year in particular, not only does it bring May flowers, […]

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